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Do you have one of those friends or family members who travel a lot whether it is for work or pleasure or both? Then travel gift baskets should be considered a “perfect” gift for him or her. It would be uniquely designed to make their travels easier and more enjoyable.

Consider a person who likes to visit relatives overseas frequently. Wouldn’t they appreciate a gift that is designed specifically toward that destination? A personally designed gift set would be such a memorable present for that person.

Suppose you have a friend with an RV who li ... Read more »

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What kind of gift should you give new parents to celebrate the birth of a new baby? Would you go with a typical sheet set or the usual clothes, bibs, or baby toys? Why not consider new baby gift baskets containing an assortment of items for not only the baby, but for the parents and families of the baby? A personalized gift would be much more appreciated and useful for the recipients.

When you go to a baby shower, you may usually consider getting the baby a rattle or a cute outfit. A baby shower gift basket would be a much more memorable present since it would contain personalized items for the baby and his or her family. Why not choose a gift that would stand out among gifts and help welcome that new boy or girl into the world?

How about a baby gift which would contain an item or two for the new mother in addition to the items ob ... Read more »

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Business and corporate gift giving is a smart way to make a great impression on clients, customers, prospects, suppliers and employees. Picking and packaging the right gift can be cumbersome unless you know what to look for and how to go about giving the right gift to the right audience. Finding a partner to help you with all the details can be a time and money saver and the good will that a gift can bring is invaluable. I would strongly recommend checking out the Thoughtful Presence website and seeing how they can help you pick and deliver corporate gifts that are just right for the occasion.

Whether you are thanking someone for their interest or for their business, these unique gift selections will be long remembered. Many companies send a Christmas card to their business list which is a nice thought but forgotten 5 minutes later. Imagine the lasting impression you will make if your client receives a unique C ... Read more »

Views: 126 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.11.2017

Gourmet tastes anyone? “Yes”, says just about everyone. Buy it for yourself? “No”, says just about everyone. Give as a gift? PERFECT! I found that Thoughtful Presence allows you to give gourmet gift baskets easily and thoughtfully to everyone on your holiday list. These are the kind of gifts that everyone would say “Yes!” to.

Indulge your people with these gourmet gifts and assortments that can be given anytime, but Christmas just seems to be such the right time. Give a wonderful selection of tidbits, fine and unique tastes, and maybe just something functional in there so that your recipient doesn’t feel completely indulged. Well, maybe they will anyway because these gifts are indulgent!

When you compare these gifts to say flowers, candies, fruit baskets, etc., we think you will see that the hand selected and well put together gift baskets from Thoughtful P ... Read more »

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Chicago Cubs fans are all over the country and know that this could be the year! You don’t have to be a Chicagoan to love the Cubs, but it sure helps. We love our Cubs, even if they haven’t won a World Series since 1908!

When your friends, family, or employees have a special occasion and they also love the Chicago Cubs, Thoughtful Presence is the online store that offers the most unique Chicago gift baskets ... Read more »

Views: 119 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.11.2017

Chicago’s summers can be warm and humid, but they’re lots of fun. As Fall season arrives here, we reluctantly say goodbye to “summer in the city” and start thinking in terms of beautiful colorful leaves and the cooler comfortable temperatures.

When thoughts turn to the Fall, you may start thinking of gift giving since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the proverbial corner. When you consider what gifts to give your loved ones and friends, wouldn’t you like to give unique and unusual presents that they have never received or don’t already have?

This is where Thoughtful Presence gift baskets come to the rescue to make it easier to get through the hectic shopping times that precede these holidays. Maybe you would like to consider a one-of-a-kind gift basket that reflect the unique individuals that are receiving them. Personalized gifts are the special ones that people remember for ... Read more »

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This blog is dedicated to finding and reporting on the giving of gifts that people really enjoy and remember.  Thinking of what to give someone for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, and other occasions has always been stressful for me. I needed help getting ideas, selecting the right gift, how to package and ship the gift and what kind of card to send. Maybe this is easy for others but not for me. I’ve tried all kinds of online stores and printed catalogs to generate ideas but they have overwhelmed me every time. Why can’t I just find some store that will layout the gifts that people really enjoy and make it easy to order.

After so many years, I have found an online store that actually helps. It is the Thoughtful Presence store at What I like about this store is that you can see all these great gift baskets and gifts all sorted by occ ... Read more »

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