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Do you have employees that travel for business or like travelling on their vacation time? Or maybe you have one of those friends or family members who travel a lot whether it is for work or pleasure? Then travel gift baskets should be considered a “perfect” gift for him or her. A travel gift should be uniquely designed to make their travels a bit easier and quite a bit more enjoyable.

Consider a person who likes to visit relatives in another state frequently. Wouldn’t they appreciate a gift that is designed specifically toward that destination or collections that reflect their home base. A personally designed gift collection would b ... Read more »

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Funny that businesses are hesitant to give corporate gift baskets to employees because they think men won’t appreciate them. They must think gift baskets necessarily contain bath salts, powders, and fragrances. Don’t believe they have ever looked at some of these men’s gift baskets. Most gift baskets given by corporations or companies can be designed to be for either sex – it is not just women who love gift collections. Think of the popular food and gourmet gift baskets that are so popular. Men like them every bit as much as women. 

What people like, men included, are unique gift baskets that you can’t just get anywhere. Themed gifts, occasion gifts, and holiday gifts are al ... Read more »

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Who is a baby shower for? The baby? Don’t think so. It is for the parents and especially the mother. There are gifts that the mother needs and there are gifts that the mother wants and there are also gifts that the mother loves. The right gift is a baby shower gift basket that are a combination of all three gifts at once.

But, what about the baby? Doesn’t she need blankets, outfits, rattles, pacifiers, toys, changing pads, diaper bags, etc.? Of course she does. You can order a baby gift basket that has as much of this kind of stuff that you want. It is a baby shower after all, but remember that the mother is the one who it is really for. There are gifts for boys and gifts for girls, but also gifts designed for both baby and mommy and baby and parents.

There are also great gift collections to choose from to assist in gi ... Read more »

Views: 125 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.12.2017

Many corporations and business will send flowers to the funeral of an employee’s family member to show respect and empathy. This is a lovely expression of the company’s concern for their situation and everybody that attends the funeral sees the flowers and knows that the company cares. A suggestion would be to also send a sympathy gift basket to the employee’s home to help comfort and show he concern the company has for the loss in a more personal way.

Corporate gift baskets that are given in sympathy for a loss are not ever forgotten by the recipient, even though the family may be reeling with grief. They will be remembered and talked about just about anytime anyone passes. When people see flowers at a service from a company, it evokes discussion and people would talk about how the company cares. It is special to get extr ... Read more »

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Many Chicago businesses realize that a happy employee is more productive, more loyal, and has better attendance and attitude than an unhappy employee. Obviously, pay and rewarding work are important factors in an employee’s happiness but sometimes the missing ingredient is just acknowledgement for a job well done. At one progressive employer in Chicago, there was a weekly acknowledgement of some employee’s contribution and it was celebrated by an announcement to the whole work force and with a small reward. These rewards were coveted by everyone, even though it wasn’t a monetary award.

Many of the best rewards were ones that an employee could take home and enjoy with their family. Things like a restaurant coupon or theater tickets were the simplest form but a custom gift basket would have to be the best and most appreciated idea for a reward that I can think of. Think of how nice ... Read more »

Views: 119 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.12.2017

Weddings are a joyous celebration of life and signify such an important part of a couple’s journey together. Some folks put together a gift registry and, depending on the store, they are indicating all kinds of gift ideas that cover the more mundane (toasters, blenders, ice-cream makers) or the exquisite (silver, fine china, crystal). I’ve seen registries that look more like the store’s inventory than a real wish list from the couple. When you can get a smoothie maker or a nutcracker set as a possible wedding gift – come on now! There has to be something that shows your style at the same time as showing your affection.

If you are like me, you want to go beyond the limits of the registry and give a gift that is different and memorable. Check out the ... Read more »

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Men can be challenging to buy a gift for. Not all men, but certainly a good number of them. They like what they like and typically try to surround themselves with those things. Whether they are into sports, cars, fishing, camping, music, travel, reading a good book, and/or all the above, they tend to stick with what they like again and again. So, how to you pick an appropriate gift for a man? Sure, cars, boats, and season tickets are great gifts, but a bit pricey, so let’s get down to some affordable ideas.

Start by figuring out what activities or thing make him happy or fill his spare time. Is he an avid grill master or love to cook? Perhaps ... Read more »

Views: 129 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.12.2017

Have a special woman to buy a gift for? Wouldn’t it be nice to find something as special as she is? Every woman is wonderfully unique and a gift chosen for her should try to celebrate that simple fact. I have found that the gifts that indulge her or acknowledge her individuality are the most appreciated and loved. She will appreciate something personal and unique more anything.

Some of the most imaginative and special gifts for her can be found in the online store at You might choose an intimate spa gift basket which is all about indulging her when she bathes. Or, maybe choose any of the women’s gift baskets on display. Or, you might just think an occasion gift such as a birthday gif ... Read more »

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During a time of loss, the broken hearted are reminded of the support of all the people who care and it helps them to deal with the most tragic events in life. Loss of a loved one can be a numbing experience leaving the survivors searching for a way to cope. Sometimes the simplest communication can help put the loss in perspective, leading the grieving to concentrate on the things that do make life so precious instead of the obvious sense of loss.

People send flowers and cards to reach out in a visual way to show support and to offer a diversion. Nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one – nothing. But these attempts to show support do offer the recipient love and attention and are important to coping.

Some people bring ... Read more »

Views: 104 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.11.2017

One of my very best friends loves animals. Not only has she always had a least one dog, but she also volunteers at the local animal rescue centers. Occasionally she “foster parents” a new puppy or a dog that need extra attention until they can find a home for the dog. So, it follows that when her birthday comes up, or when I need a gift for another pet lover, I consider getting a pet gift basket for them. Of course this is also appropriate for those who love cats, rabbits, or hamsters because pet’s gift baskets can be uniquely personalized to fit the anim ... Read more »

Views: 115 | Added by: floodcontrolsystems | Date: 01.11.2017

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