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6:17 PM
Gifts for the Gardener on your List

Chicago’s spring is a joyous time for gardeners. They have been waiting patiently to get outside and dig in the dirt. Some of the more enthusiastic have been preparing seedlings in the house and have stored away bulbs and other plants that can make it through the Chicago winter. Some people are almost obsessed with gardening, some are just very fond of it, some have it as a hobby, and some are just “reluctant” gardeners who like the way a nice garden looks but don’t necessarily know how to accomplish it or can’t make the time to do everything they would like to do. There is a very quiet serenity that can be achieved in the garden that is very important to our busy and hectic lives.

Want to get a gift for a gardener but can’t think of exactly what to get? Check out these gardening gift baskets for some great ideas. The Garden Seat and Tools collection is one of the favorite and most popular gifts both for giving and receiving. It features a large trowel, a small trowel, a garden fork, a small rake, and a weeder tool all packed into a tote that attaches to a garden seat. All of these tools feature wooden handles and leatherette straps for hanging. Makes a perfect gift for any gardener, or gardener want-to-be. This can also be customized with corporate branded items for those corporate gifts to celebrate work achievements, anniversaries, or retirement.

A gardening gift basket can be given any time of the year. In Winter, the gift lifts the spirit and reminds us that spring will come, and there will be a lot to do in the garden. In Spring, these gifts are timely for the planting season and are a thoughtful way to acknowledge someone’s love of gardening. In Summer, garden gifts are like an upgrade to some of the common tools that are very appreciated. Finally, in Fall, when garden clean up and preparing for the winter months occurs, gardening gifts can be very helpful.

Can’t find just the right gardening gift? When looking around, think custom! Custom gift baskets can be put together very easily with the right partner. Start with a company who knows “gifting” and specializes in customizing their offerings to your specifications. Say you want to celebrate a birthday – start with a gardening gift collection and then just start adding your own ideas to it. Like she loves wine so add a wine opening set to the basket. Or, he is likes music, so add a favorite artist cd or something related to that - remember your partner will be there to help make the magic happen. They know what works and can be creative based on what you are thinking. What you will end up with is a unique gift basket that will never be duplicated.

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