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8:21 PM
Corporate Chicago Gift Giving

Chicago Corporations are looking for ways to reward employees that go beyond the salary or pay. These rewards and recognitions are a key to a happier, more productive work force. Did you know that many of the best employees thrive in an environment where they are appreciated? Yet, many companies don’t realize that there are simple and effective ways of recognizing employees that don’t cost that much, but do contribute to an employee’s sense of worth and appreciation. When a great employee is singled out and rewarded in an open way, all employees benefit because they see that the company does appreciate and reward excellence at work. Managers spend a lot of time trying to balance salary and work happiness but many are unaware that the recognition can plan an important role in job satisfaction. Many Chicago companies realize that a happy employee is more productive, more loyal, and has better attendance and attitude than an unhappy employee. Obviously, pay and rewarding work are important factors in an employee’s happiness but sometimes the missing ingredient is just acknowledgement for a job well done. The best employers acknowledge and embrace methods that make for more job satisfaction as that is a key ingredient in more productive work by their employees. A recognition can be as simple as an employee of the month posting or as complex as a corporate communication highlighting the employees work. Smart companies also provide a reward of some sort, and it doesn’t have to be a monetary award. Gifts as simple as a gift certificate, parking privileges, movie passes, and/or a company t-shirt celebrating the employee’s contribution.

Many of the best rewards are ones that an employee could take home and enjoy with their family. Things like a restaurant coupon or theater tickets were the simplest form but a custom corporate gift basket or a corporate gourmet gift basket would have to be the best and most appreciated idea for a reward. What is a custom corporate gift basket? Well, it would be a collection of gifts or foods, combined with company promotional materials (t-shirts, mugs, binders, pens, etc.). Think of how nice corporate gifts would be to bring home to share with the family. The best part for the employee is explaining to the family it was for a job well done. Chicago themed gift baskets are another outstanding choice as a reward. Any of these gift basket ideas can be customized for a particular company, job, or functional area, making them not only a great “perk” but seemingly the perfect nod to that outstanding effort. Unique company gift baskets can be made to order and delivered weekly, if desired, right to your company for an ongoing rewards and recognition program that will have an impact on employee productivity and job satisfaction.

  1. how to customize a gift basket for your employees? Just contact the folks at www.thoughtfulpresence.com and give them the general idea that you have and you will be delighted at what they can put together for your special recognition award. Don’t wait to show your best employees how much you value their contribution to your company’s success.
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